A Very Creepy Christmas..


I attended my first Photo walk on Sunday, with the Eastern Shore Camera Club. What a cool time!  I met these fantastic people and walked around Fairhope taking pictures of this and that..  Also, got to hang with one my Flickr Heros, Brody ..

What a cool time!  I love photography and I'm thrilled to attend anything where other entusiastic and nice people are there..  Can't wait to do it again.

K, for this shot, I wandered off to the Pier at Night.  Walked to the end and for some reason, after a day of taking pictures of beautiful Christmas lights in an idyllic setting, the macabre-ish style lighting really called to me.

It reminds me of how many creepy things have made their way into the Christmas celebration.  From Dickin's ghost to Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, somehow the macabre has made its way into this season.   This photo is my tribute to that :)