The Road Ahead


This will be my last post for the year.   I wanted to spend the next few days off, focused more on viewing others' posts than spamming the world with my own.   Plus, it is time to go dark for a few days and enjoy the end of the year with my family.

2011.    Wow, this year delivered a diverse array of experiences and lessons!

I started the year, in negotiations with Microsoft for a life-changing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to chase my development dreams.   My dad's cancer was supposedly cured, my mom's health was improving, opportunities around every corner.   I had a laser-focus on family & career.

As the Microsoft deal started to move forward, we got word dad's cancer was indeed, no longer in remission.  My laser-focus now shifted to being a goog caretaker.   I hope that I was.  This culminating in the most macabre experience of celebrating my Son's life (his 2nd birthday party) while my dad, literally days from death in my home and under my care during his final days.   Mom, fell ill with lung-related illness, and she - too, passed from this earth 3 weeks later.

In the midst of this maelstrom of life and death.  The passing of my parents as the yang, witnessing my baby son become a little boy and my little girl begin her education as the yin.  

I learned from the example of a few precious friends what it is to be a great friend to someone and I've learned the importance of culminating those relationships more carefully in my own practice.  I've lost the patience to wait until tomorrow to achieve my goals and I've gained patience in tolerating the ins-and-outs of life here on Earth.

I learned the importance of slowing down, on occasion, to take the scenic route home because, at the end of the day, our journey's all take us to the same place and the adventure is how we get there.

To old  and new friends alike and to you other like-minded travelers, in earnest I wish you a very blessed & Happy New Year.  May the road ahead bring out the best in each of us.