Sunset, Beneath the Pier


Going with the Theme of some of my favorite shots from the year..

After work one afternoon, I went to the Gulf Shores Public Beach at the Gulf States Pier.   It was cold, clear and the tide coming out had created this interesting little 'island' to stand on beneath the Pier, which gave a perspective of being in the water when looking up and down the beach.

I remember the day, well - because I encountered another photographer during the trip.   I saw this guy in his Mid-20's with his camera on a tripod and rifling through his gear bag for something.    A wave surprised him and he nearly knocked the tripod in the water trying to get his bag to safety.   He was about 20 ft away as the wave started to roll back out and I could see the tripod starting to move as if it would tump over.   I took 4 steps and put my hand on one leg of the tripod to steady it -- didn't want the guy's gear to go into the Gulf.

At which point he came over and yelled at me to get off his gear and then jeered at me some snide remark about having a Nikon.    I hung around but he did not.    Angrily or frustratedly, he packed his stuff up and left.   
The patience paid off and I witnessed this wonderful sunset.

It was at this point I made the distinction between photographers and programmers.   Programmers can be jerks but it's likely just a social awkwardness wrapped in layers of self-consciousness.   I think some of the jerky photographers I've met probably fit this mold, too.    I have.. however.. met far more cool photographers and artists, than engineers, though..