Excitement of a new paintbrush...


Being a person who understands Science and Technology, I've always had a sense of wonder for artists.  One of my friends in High School was this amazing artist.  He wanted to be a cartoonist and he could amaze by sitting down and pencilling these creative, simple - yet, lifelike drawings.    People who can draw, paint, play music "by ear".  I've always been in awe of those skills because, I do not possess them.

Photography and post-processing is the closest skill to painting tnat I do possess.   This week, with my primary paintbrush (A Nikon) in the shop, I found myself buying another. (A Sony Alpha)

There is something exciting about getting new tools and learning how they can be used to express your creative urges.   This, is based on my first outing with this new, very different, paintbrush.