Walking Pneumonia and Fairhope Pier


Going back, re-doing content from earlier walks in the year -- making better images and releasing shots I never put out..

It had been a long day. I'd been at the Fairhope Pier at sunrise to try catch some favorable shots. Jeez was it cold. in the 20's (which is odd for the Gulf Coast), plenty of breeze and I apparently had a touch of walking pneumonia to top it all off. 

I went home that morning, in defeat. Woke up at noon, chills gone, some Sopa de Pollo at my favorite Mexican dive and then back out for one of my most productive photo walks this year. I had been nestled around the pier for the usual shots when some pretty snobby professional photographer types came out with flashes roaring to shoot some 20-something, ostensibly with something important going on in her life.

I was annoyed and retreated to the hilltop in time to find this shot. I wish I could have gotten a tad higher to change the composition of the trees on the pier but at this location, there is no higher without involving flight!

One of my few shots that actually made it on #HDRSpotting !