The Photographer's Pier



Fairhope Municipal Pier in Fairhope, Alabama.   What an epic pier and neat little town.  The City Pier's marina has some of the lowest marina fees I've found.  Though, you wouldn't want to live aboard as the waves can get active despite the little sea wall.

The thing I love about Fairhope Pier is that it is the most active photography location I've ever seen.   Everytime you go, you'll find professional and hobbyist photographers milling about taking pictures of this and that.  (even in this shot) For good reason, too!  The rose garden and fountain.  The pier and surrounding beaches.  The adjacent park, smaller piers and duck pond.   Really, this place is scenic heaven.

The thing I really love about this pier.  It is very seasonal.   In about two months it will be bone-chilling cold here and no one will show up but hard core fishermen, morning runners and ME with a camera in tow.

There are two bluffs overlooking the pier. (North and South)  

Where I took this picture, a group of family or friends, sat in the grass.   A decent wine, some dixie cups, prepped to watch the sunset.  It struck me they really had a better grasp on the importance of living than most...

Maybe one day, Dina & I and our young adult children can meet up for a similar outing.  Something to look forward to!