Finally Launched this Site..


I'd decided in the spring that I should take the time to setup a photo blog.    My programmer personality wants to spend 6 months hand-coding an amazing publishing platform for photo sharing and stories.    The photographer personality thinks that is stupid and just wants to get a "presence" out there.

So, here we are.

I don't want to call this a photo-a-day site because I promise there will be days when I have nothing worthwhile to share.   I also know that my full time jobs will squeeze me at times limiting my ability to post.  But, I also posted more than 365 photos last year, so… who knows what will happen?

With that out of the way -- Welcome to my photo-every-so often blog. :)   

I wanted to start the official site launch off with this shot because it is accompanied with a screen recording that I made during a one-on-one training session I did with a client while editing the photo.



Wishing you a great week and fantastic winter..

Bill Dodd