Where Siri Dumps Her Bodies


Spooky Photo Challenge

Cameras being professionally cleaned… I decided to try to challenge myself to be more creative in post processing this week for halloween by consuming these "leftovers" in a creepy or macabre way..   I'm aware this isn't my forte, thus the growth experience.

Day 3 of 5:  Where Siri Hides Bodies
On the www.thisismynext.com technology podcast, Joshua Topolsky inquired of Siri on the iPhone 4S, "Siri, I nee to hide a body."   "She"/It will come back with a list of categories for probably locations to hide a corpse.   I'm not sure if it will suggest a pier. However, I was watching a Dexter re-run recently and it seemed to be a good location for one of the antagonists to stash their victims remains..

I realize that his is terribly overcooked and weird in so many ways.  But that was the challenge.   Edit it until it gives me the willies..

..and it does..