Golden Hour

Working from home this week, catching up on a long laundry list of programming tasks that I've neglected for one reason or another.   I have to be "in the zone" and uninterrupted to really get coding tasks done.  The uninterrupted part seems to be rare..

For my lunchtime bike ride, I was struck with just how much depth our clouds had today.   It was killing me to be stuck indoors at my home, 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.  I had set my mind that when my family got home we'd go to either Fairhope or Gulf Shores for some "Golden Hour" sunset photography.

As we were deciding our destination, a sea turtle-activist-conservation-expert, self proclaimed "turtle lady" that works with my wife called to say they'd be releasing a nest to the Gulf this evening at sundown.   Our destination set, we made it down a few hours early for a pretty productive photo session.

Didn't get the best of shots of the turtles, night-time, no flashes and all -- so didn't really even try.
This, photo, however - just sort of happened while we were waiting for the "turtle people."   Nope, it isn't HDR.   Just some contrast enhancements on a single exposure. 

This is why we photographers love Golden Hour. ;)