Begin Obligatory About Me Portion..

So, I really stumble at these about me blurbs but apparently I'm supposed to fill this in, so here goes.

I'm boring.  Like, really boring.   Somewhere on the scale between watching paint dry and counting sheep.  But, I like it that way.

I grew up somewhere between Indiana and Alabama, two house fires in a family with numerous civil and criminal legal adventures. Given that history, boring is fine by me.

I briefly worked as a newspaper photographer intern-type person with aspirations in Journalism.   It didn't work out. ;)

Computers, Yeah I'll Do That

I worked, instead as a desk driver technician, network engineer and eventually programmer for a lucky 18 years and counting. Palm Pilots, PocketPCs, PCs, Set Top Boxes, Websites, Macs, iPhones & Androids; I write code for all of them.  

I've worked in high pressure management positions: managing projects and pitching to clients. I've worked as the awkward head-down coder that seems to be somewhat antisocial and have their own way of seeing the world.   I've worked as the crotchety NetAdmin who grumbles at people on the way to the coffee pot at 4 am after an all-nighter.

Usually, I'm somewhere between a gameshow host and tech-nerd.  I like to meet people, I like a challenge and I love technology. 



Why, Hello There, Camera - How Fair Thee?

A few years ago, I re-engaged my passion for Photography. Olin Mills and Herf Jones photography training I received came back to me quickly.   So did the recollection of just how miserable the typical "Studio" experience is for families.  Everyone piles in the car in uncomfortable clothes and bad moods to head to a stuffy photo studio to stand in front of a crappy background and eventually get ambushed to buy prints, on the spot.  No digital copy OR low-res useless digital copy.  Uncool, man.

I started slow, shooting a few friends' weddings and starting to contribute online.   But, I still focused primarily on making shots of my kids.  Eventually, we just stopped going to photo studios altogether.

For us, the photo experience entails putting on some decent - but - not - quite - Sunday - best, natural looking clothes and heading to some fun location here on the Gulf Coast.  We have a good time and usually grab lunch or dinner afterwards.  The smiles are genuine, as are the memories associated with them.  


In 2009, I had become pretty active at posting my photography on various Social Networks.   Not really looking for business but just in the spirit of learning from others' work and gathering constructive criticism.  

Around the time of the Gulf Oil Spill I started getting really active in Landscape photography, experimenting with HDR and various techniques.  

What an interesting time.  

Seeing the unspoiled beaches of the Gulf Coast get seemingly ruined and eventually returned to their awesome form.  Whatching legitimate local, landmark businesses struggle & die was hard.   The Gulf Coast made it through but it was a tough road.   I know the ecosystems were changed forever.     That got me thinking -- regretting really -- that I haven't been capturing more of the gulf coast in photos over the years -- to reference how it changes over time, from disaster to recovery from boom times to crashes and so, fourth.    So, I started one of those photo-a-day challenges, posting a photo of something neat or interesting, every day for a year.

Doing a photo-a-day was a challenge, alot of work and a tremendously rewarding growing experience.   It forced interaction with strangers (and many of them were even stranger than I) and helped me to develop a new appreciation for the awe-some nature of the Gulf Coast.  It also has helped to hone my skills in the arts of photography and photo processing.  From darkroom to Lightroom, as they say.


I'm still a programmer, still a photographer.   I still have a real job that I don't advertise b/c I don't want to attract head-hunters.  I'm still doing work in education/software, mobile development and I've been involved with startups related to medical software.   Over the last year, I've been working on some massive-multi-touch projects that I'll be posting more about in the coming months.   Experimenting with new UI experiences and hand-built multiple touch prototypes, such as the graffitiDesk prototype, shown here:

Technology & Software Development feeds the bank, Photography feeds creativity that can be applied to the former.  This is the cycle that I've developed to keep my wandering mind in check.  It works and no prescription is necessary.

In photography, I've had some modest successes in commercial licensing & collector's proof sales to private collectors as well as some commissioned travel photography gigs trying out new gear.

While, I haven't sent a camera into space (yet), I'm no stranger to making them fly, hover or float.
Maybe I'll get to the space thing this year..

I've remained active in Landscape photography and I'm hopeful for the coming year(s) on the Gulf Coast as it continues to rebound.  I'm looking forward to more photo-walks, more events, more travel and meeting more cool people.  Thanks to social networks, word of mouth and luck, my photography has begun to get some national recognition and a global audience which has been pretty awesome.  Reading peoples' comments and viewing their works really makes my day.   Connections to like-minded people half a world away.  To paraphrase Flynn from Tron Legacy, "It's digital jazz, man..."

Portraits & Commissioning

As my schedule allows, I am available for commercial or advertising projects.

Portraits, not so much..  I can recommend some great folks in our area that are much better at that than I for Portraiture & Strobist needs.