The Portal to the Future


In technology, 2012 gave us more iPhones and iPads.  We saw more-of-the-same computers.   We saw dozens of iterative Android Phones and Tablets, so many that they are like fish in a barrel, clammering over each other for momentary superiority.   Really strong products drowning in a sea of their own making.  We saw Microsoft, struggling to re-invent itself through bold, but probably - too late - to dent the universe - product releases and marketing millions.   We saw Apple, shifting under new leadership trying to maintain its stride but largely failing to dazzle and inspire.

In photography, we saw some new gear.  Much of them obvious iterations on existing strong products.   The D700 v 5dMk2 debate turned to a D800 v Canon 5D Mk3 debate.    At least Lytro tried something new.   We saw social media clammering to channel the massive flood of photography brought about largely by explosions of phone/cameras.    We saw some of the same people at the top of the social media/photography pyramid continue to inspire and train and of course, sell their warez along the way.   I saw a half-dozen around me, new-to-photography and trully talented try to break out into the industry with the same frustrating setbacks we all experience at first.  

As a nation, we saw the continuance of the polarized politics that prove our form of Government no longer works. Our country is still dedbating the same issues they were 20, 30 years ago.   Abortion, gun control & equal rights for citizens.  We the taxpayers pay them to flip back and fourth on these topics every four years in probably the greatest con-game ever devised.   We heard about the dangers of fiscal cliff's and then road right over it.  We heard about a pending apocalypse and skipped right over that.  We watched a monster commit unthinkable atrocities to children and our typical national response to limit the rights of citizens in response.    We watched one of Washington's most powerful lobbies respond to the event with a poorly times, weak and tired argument instead of contributing to a national discussion on the viability of Assault Weapons.    After all Mortal Kombat is to blame.    (throws freeze ray, then teleports to the next paragraph)

As a family, my wife and I watched my children grow a little older and develop little quirks and nuances that will one day form their adult personalities.   Ever-pressed by the notion that these little people in my house will all-to-soon be big people moving away to their own lives, I tried my best to balance work & life.    In that balancing act, something always gets dropped but from the smiles of my kids and the conitnued paycheck, I guess I got the balance right.

As a career, I came to some powerful realizations concerning others' motives and planted the seeds for future endeavours.    I can't control my title, I can't control the markets but I can always make plans and work towards the goals.  In the end, I'm sure it will all work out well.  

As for what 2013 will hold?  I'm sure that next December the Earth will still be spinning.  We'll all be a little older, we'll have crappier music to listen to and we'll see more of the same.   A government that disappoints at least half of the population (the left or the right half, does it matter?). We will see companies do what companies do, maximize profits and we'll see employees do what employees do -- gripe about their bosses.   We'll see death and life, we'll be touched by extraordinary loss and inspired by moments of magic.   That's life.  and it continues in a new arbitrary unit of measurement today, that we call, the new  year..

I hope yours is fantastic.